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Vegan Meal Shake (Choc & Mint flavour)

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A dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate and mint flavoured shake.

300g per pot, 12 servings at 40g per serving.

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy1506kJ / 360kcal
- saurated0.6g
- sugars0.8g


Mix this tasty chocolate and mint flavoured powder blend into a smoothie using a liquid of your choice and you will be accessing a range of nutrients quickly and easily.

Ideal used as a daily food supplement and/or healthy snack in combination with a balanced diet, this delicious shake mix contains:

– vitamins and minerals (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid, cobalamin, magnesium, iron, zinc and iodine)
– dietary fibre from psyllium husks (0.8g per serving)
– and high quality plant protein (19.8g per serving).

1 to 3 servings to be taken per day or as required.

Add chopped fruits and berries and blend into a delicious, filling and highly nutritious smoothie, protein shake or meal shake. For a frothy effect, use a hand-held frother or blender.

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